Aluminum Foils and Coils/Sheets

In the aluminum segment, the main product imported by SLS Trading is aluminum foil for the flexible packaging market. The company has a good relationship with the world's largest producer, which is located in China and has a recognition by the Brazilian market.

We supply the 8011-O alloy for the food market, the 8011-H18 for the pharmaceutical industry and the 8011-O HHF sheet for the trays and aluminum containers used for “food packaging”. In addition, SLS Trading still offers in the field of laminates, coils and aluminum sheets.

Aluminum Ingots and Billets

SLS Trading has partnered with the world's leading suppliers of primary aluminum, supplying the Brazilian market with aluminum ingots, which can be used in many industries, such as automotive, cookware and aluminum cans. There is also aluminum billet, the main product used in civil construction for the production of profiles.

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