As well as Account and Order Operations, Import by Order is also seen to be very advantageous for those customers who have no interest in maintaining a import team to carry out import orders and who wish to avoid the burocratic part of importation and focus on the central idea of your business.

Impor to Order is when a company purchases goods abroad with its own resources and promotes its customs clearance of importation, in order to resell these goods later to an other company, due to a contract done between the importer and the assignee, whose must accomplish deadlines and negotiated transactions (art. 2º, § 1º, I, da IN SRF nº 634/06).

 Unlike importation on account and order, at Import by Order, the foreign exchange transaction for payment of the importation must be carry out exclusively in the name of the importer, as determined by the Regulations of the Exchange Market and International Capitals of Brazilian Central Bank.

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