The range of products marketed in our company comes from the steelworks and metals sectors, with emphasis on the import of Galvalume Coils, Pre-Painted Coils,  Coils and Stainless Steel Sheets, Aluminum Coils, Aluminum Sheets and Aluminum Foil for Distribution, in addition to Operations by Account and Orders and Orders in several markets. 

In exports, we are specialists in the sector of scrap metal, knowing deeply all the processes necessary to obtain a high quality material, always assuring our costumers, the guarantee of good business. 


Present solutions in international trade, optimizing processes and presenting tax, logistics and financial differentials for companies that seek to expand and monetize their businesses. 


We are among the largest Trading in Brazil in the segments in which we operate until 2023.


- Confidence
- Safety 
- Transparency 
- Agility
- People
- Competitiveness
- Quality